Modeling Workshops

Attend one of our San Diego or Los Angeles based workshops where we focus on providing a fun and nurturing environment for women of all shapes and sizes. Learn from Brandee J and other experts. Review our workshops below and contact us here to reserve your spot! 

Kurvy/Plus Modeling 101 -3 hours $130 TODAY: $65.00

  • Learn the ins and outs of the modeling industry.
  • Discover the 3 sure-fire methods to launch your career successfully.
  • Find out the one thing you must avoid or risk sabotaging your career from the start. 
  • Learn the secrets to leveraging your body type to book more work.
  • Learn the portfolio secrets that will have people begging to work with you.
  • Discover the importance of a modeling bag and what you must have in it.
  • And more….

Kurvy Runway Techniques (2-Hour Training) – $90 TODAY: $45.00

  • Perfect your modeling stance.
  • Learn how to make a fierce impression on the runway.
  • Discover end of the runway poses to get the perfect shot, every time.
  • Develop your own signature walk. 
  • And more….

About Face & Hair (Skincare, Make-up Application & hair care) 1.5 hours-$70 TODAY: $35.00

  • Learn basic make-up techniques to impress at any audition.
  • Discover why healthy skin and hair is essential to your modeling career.
  • Uncover the secret tips and tricks for glowing skin.
  • Learn the 2 things you are not doing right now that are costing you work.   
  • Learn the celebrity make-up tricks to look like a star every day. 
  • And more…

Model Etiquette -1.5 hours $50 TODAY: $25.00

  • Discover the behavior that will sabotage your career before it begins.
  • Learn the proper etiquette for professional photo shoots.
  • Learn professional fashion show etiquette.
  • Uncover the secret tips and techniques to remain professional and graceful.
  • Discover the one thing that is more important than anything else and how to build and maintain it.
  • And more…

Posing and Photoshoot Tips -2 hours $120 TODAY: $60.00

  • Learn professional poses to get the money shot.
  • Learn the secret tactics and techniques for working with professional MUA and Hairstylists.
  • Discover the difference between high fashion, day, and sexy posing.
  • Take part in an actual photo shoot and receive pictures to help build your portfolio.
  • And more….

Branding your Unique Style (Fashion and Styling) -2hrs

  • Learn the secret to identifying your personal brand.
  • Discover the way to sabotage your personal branding, so you can avoid it.
  • Discover how your branding can help you get more work.
  • Learn about fashion and how to ensure you have the right type of clothing for your body type.
  • Find out how to embrace your own unique style.
  • Learn styling secrets to develop your look.
  • And more….